Creating Fast, Healthy Meals

Creating fast, healthy meals at home can be a challenge. We lack of time, confidence in kitchen skills, have confusion over what to eat or don’t have the right supplies on hand.

As a result, it has become very normal for us to lean on prepackaged and frozen foods, “eat out”, or get a “to-go” meal and either eat it on the run; even in our cars, or bring it home to unwrap and eat. And we’re doing this with more and more regularity. But I’m also hearing that folks desire options for getting or staying healthier, but need help pulling it off! That’s fair!

You need a plan

Creating fast, healthy meals at home is easy if you have a plan. Otherwise you’re going to become what I call a proximity eater, grabbing whatever is convenient to fill up.

Clearly before meals can happen, you need supplies. Supplies range from a kitchen stocked with the essential food prep items such as pots and pans, cutting boards, knifes and the like to food. 

Food spoils, obviously, and juggling the shopping and eating of food for minimal waste can be tricky.  But it’s very do-able. The key to success is having a properly stocked pantry and kitchen and having a plan.

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Getting started

Let’s keep it simple and begin with a plan to create entree salad lunches. 

Here are your food gathering steps:

Inventory your wish list items in your home kitchen first and check for space in your fridge and freezer. This avoids both over stocking and under-stocking supplies and ensure you’ll have a spot for your supplies too. If you find you need to do some purging of old food, now is a good time!

Next create a shopping list of those items you’ll need to buy and group items by store location if needed. For example, I have 3-4 places that I shop for my food supplies. If you do the same, you can add organization to your trip (and avoid forgetting items) by making a list for each store. 

Consider how much of each item you’ll need and include these quantities on the shopping list.

Go forth and shop!

Once you’re home with your supplies stored, you’re ready to start your prepping the lunch. Check out my blog on Creating Fast, Easy, Healthy Meals at Home Fast – Batch Prepping an Entree Lunch. [hyperlink to follow] 

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