How to Prepare Easy, Healthy Meals Fast

It seems more and more people are having trouble finding time to prepare their own food. Life is busy.  Choosing healthy food can be frustrating. I”m here to help!

You’re busy!

One thing is for sure, we all get another appetite and before you know it, you’ll be hungry … again!  I find that if I wait till I’m hungry to figure out what to eat, I’m grabbing for junk.  And junk leads to more junk, empty calories, added weight and sabotaged goals.  Are you with me? 

While many resort to grab & go foods from the supermarket, prepared meal delivery services or the tried and true pizza delivery, the bottom line is our lives seem to be getting busier all the time.  There are ways to set yourself up for success with delicious, healthy meals that you can pull together quickly.  Promise!

Why bother?

We’re also seeing enormous increases in lifestyle illnesses.  Type II diabetes, some heart problems strokes and even some cancer is being traced to our food and lifestyle.  Many people suffer with huge increase in weight gains because of the hidden sugars, bad fats (some fats are good and needed), chemicals and additives in today’s foods.  In many ways, the problem starts in our kitchens (or “to-go” foods).  “To-go” food, restaurant food, grab n go foods are often very “processed’.  This means they are manufactured with lots of preservatives and chemicals, and in that process, the nutrients are stripped or damaged, lots of chemicals are added to make them taste better and become “shelf stable” for months.  Just look at the back label of a box of frozen food or food in a box.  See all those $25 words?  Those are chemicals that our bodies haven’t a clue how to digest or process.  Instead, it stores them in the body and surrounds them with fat to protect our body from the unknown “toxin”.  This is one of the key causes of weight gain.  The more toxins, the more fat we need to protect and store the stow-away chemicals.

So, what’s a hungry, busy person to do?   

The solution is in getting back to basics with our food.  This includes preparing our own food more.  This blog series will show you some quick tips for shopping, preparing and storing foods around a busy schedule.

In this blog series, we’ll cover the following: 

Gathering supplies for healthy meals

Batch prepping meals

Storing the food/meal

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