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  • Follow surprisingly, simple tactics to lose or maintain weight.
  • Clarify food confusion, deal with cravings, and don’t be hungry.
  • Choose and prepare smart foods that fit your busy life.
  • Reduce stress, sleep peacefully, and feel energized.
  • Learn an easy wellness plan you manage for a lifetime.
  • Quit sabotaging; celebrate your successes instead.

Lifestyling Wellness is conversationally written,
bite-sized-nuggets of proven, health coach secrets that really work!”

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Over-Weight, Over-Tired, Over-Stressed.
Mary Was Over. It. All.

Suffering a growing number of health issues while juggling a demanding professional career and personal life, Mary Wallace, climbed her way back to wellness. Now a Board-Certified Health Coach, author and speaker at Mary Wallace Wellness, LLC, Mary shares lessons learned over ten years with simple next steps for success. Learn to reclaim your wellness and vitality through simple food and lifestyle choices that really work and last a lifetime.

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Praise for Lifestyling Wellness


This is the best nutrition book I’ve read so far. It’s the perfect blend of nutrition science, and practical food recommendations.  A well researched, well documented, detailed look at how we can best improve our health and increase our odds at staying away from doctor’s offices and prescription drugs.  I highly recommend it to anybody that has a desire to learn what to eat for long-term health as well as weight loss. ~Bryant

I really appreciate the author’s generous nature in sharing her personal journey mingled with the wisdom and experience of a holistic health coach.  Her focus on lifestyle choices rather than the ‘diet du jour’ makes so much sense. Mary Wallace’s discussion on good nutrition is, somehow, both conversational and in-depth. ~Pat

Thank you for this book!  I bought it about 2 months ago and the hardest part of my ‘journey’ was finding time to sit down and read.  (I read it for about 15 minutes before bed each night.)  I have been a frumpy mother for several years and have not liked the body changes that have crept up on me.  Lifestyling Wellness is a practical approach to gaining control of your life.  It is a conversational book that the author shares her personal journey.  I am taking the 3 in 30 challenge to heart.  I lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks!  I feel better and my energy has been boosted!  It gave me simple solutions for the busy life of a working mother of two teenagers. I gave a friend a copy of this book and we motivate each other.  We are also enjoying the website blogs and sharing ideas.  Bathing suit season is coming and I feel like I will be ready for the first time in years!  I feel healthier and I am! ~Soccer Mom

Excellent book to help you live a healthier life. Well written, easy to read with plenty of common sense ideas. A must for anyone who is trying to get healthy in mind, body and spirit! ~M Martin

I read so many nutrition books, but I have to say Lifestyling Wellness is one of the books that appealed to me the most . It easy to read and most important it helped me learn good health tricks. It also taught me new health factors and benefits of certain foods that I did not know much about such sprouted food and Himalayan salt etc.
It is one the nutrition books that I will consult again and again. Thank you Mary Wallace for an easy to read wellness book that is well researched! ~Salwa


This is a must-read and a must-bring-to-the-grocery-store!
Mary writes a whimsical guide for how to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a maintainable fashion; the tone feels as if she is standing next to you in the aisle, teaching you everything you wish you had learned about nutrition, from how to read packaging labels, to what GMO really means, to how to understand your own body.  This approachable material touches on every term and subject you have ever wondered about; I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a health change for the better!

This book is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to gain health and wellness tips that will change their life.  I usually frequent Canyon Ranch Health and Wellness Resort where they provide lectures on healthy living (at a premium price) and I was pleasantly surprised to find all that information at my fingertips in this easy to read book.  I highly recommend this book, as it provides easy to implement healthy living tips, in a format that can be used by anyone. ~ Laura

I recently bought this book through the recommendation of a friend. Very practical. Easy to read. Not overdone. A great primer to make concrete changes in ones overall health. I have given it as a gift already and plan to do so again. ~Susan

Lifestyling Wellness is a good read.  It is very informative, and gives lots of practical advice and common sense suggestions for taking care of the whole you – mind, body and sprit.  ~Mary

What a great read! The tips and information are simple and practical. Looking forward to more from this author. ~Alex



Lifestyling Wellness is available on Amazon!

Get Lifestyling Wellness Here 

Food & Lifestyle Impact How You Will Show Up in Your Life

~ Mary Wallace


Are You Filling Up
or Fueling Up?

~ Mary Wallace