Storing Prepared Foods

A key to success in food batching is using proper storage. There are many options to choose from and I’ve found a system that stores food all and keeps things organized.

Food Storage Tips

I have discovered the key to success in my batching of healthy food is using the proper storage of my prepped food. I use containers that allow me to see into the container and I use “sets” of containers with a variety of sizes and matched lids. The containers also must “nest” in my cabinets nicely so I can stay organized. The image below shows what I mean by nesting neatly.

Plastic and Glass Storage Options

I do have a mix of glass and plastic and have a strategy for what to use and when. I NEVER heat food in the plastic or add hot food to a plastic container.  By now most folks have learned that this can cause the plastic to leach chemicals into the food. These chemicals interrupt our body’s natural hormones.

Personally, I use glass containers for anything acidic such as a lemon. We rarely eat tomato sauce, but if I needed to store that, it would go into a glass container. This is because the acids in foods tend to cause the same chemicals to leach into the foods. 

At Home Food Storage

As my BPA-free plastic food storage ages out, I am planning to add more glass. The options for food storage are getting so much better and I’ve literally had my plastic containers for 12 years in some cases. By the way, these are the containers I use for my at-home food storage. I have a system that I use for foods on the go to the office and will cover that in a future post.

Here is a peek inside of my refrigerator with my prepped food in their nicely organized containers.

Storage Aid Suggestion

One of my favorite storage aids is Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Glass Food Storage containers.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will cover a range of topics related to preparing healthy meals fast …and easily.

This is from the Preparing Healthy Meals Fast blog series.

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