Workplace Wellness


Over-stressed, often over-weight and out of shape. They may also battle low energy, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog and other niggling symptoms that together:

• Impact on-the-job attendance, performance, and productivity
• Require medical attention for coping and / or go on to develop medical issues
• Increase employer insurance expenses and employee out-of-pocket spend


Self-insured or not, employee wellness can make a big dent on your ROI

What if you could impact employee wellness in such a way that health care costs were lower, employees were more motivated, and able to come to work more often than not and do their very best? What if your products made it to market faster, customer satisfaction and retention was higher, and costs throughout the company from product and service costs to health care were lower?

Industry experts cite 3 key ways you may be losing money on your P&L today
  • Absenteeism – the time employees are missing from work due to illness
  • Presentee-ism – the time employees are at work, but not really working up to full capacity due to illness, motivation or distraction
  • Health Care Costs – the actual health costs arising from employee health related issues
Wellness, or lack thereof, results in increased hard costs to your business.

In some cases, the costs are so hidden, even your best financial folks may not detect the leak in the bucket.

What if you could reduce company expenses by investing in employee health & wellness?

My background is in corporate America with a healthy dose of venture funded, start-up. After experiencing my own health crash and learning to heal myself with food and lifestyle, I know what it feels like to try and work effectively while dealing with a pile of symptoms…and what it feels like to work when my health and lifestyle are under control. Sadly, many don’t realize there is a choice: using simple, sustainable food and lifestyle changes.

Ready to get started?

I will leverage my sales and marketing background with my wellness expertise and your workplace wellness needs to assist you in:

  • Program Development
  • Educational Programs such as workshops, Lunch & Learns and/or group coaching
  • One-On-One Coaching

Let’s put together a custom program to address food and lifestyle changes that help your most precious resource regain or retain their wellness!

Yes! I want to learn more about workplace wellness with Mary